Tanzania moots new gem plaza for Arusha:
News Sunday, Feb 07, 2016
ARUSHA, TANZANIA - The Tanzania government through the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC), has put strategic plans to build a Tanzanite Plaza in Arusha City to house all transactions related to Tanzanite minerals.
Core inflation falls in Uganda during January:
News Sunday, Feb 07, 2016
KAMPALA, UGANDA - Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has attributed the decline in Uganda’s inflation rate this year to reduced Core Inflation.
Rwanda opens doors for business growth:
News Sunday, Feb 07, 2016
KIGALI, RWANDA - Rwanda continues to seek ways to address existing bottlenecks that affect trade development along the Northern and the Central corridors and the wider market, a process the government believes cannot be successful without the private sect
Uganda offers investment portal:
News Sunday, Feb 07, 2016
KAMPALA, UGANDA - The government through Uganda Investment Authority is launching a One Stop Centre web portal for both foreign and local investors.
US to raise stakes in African power:
Resources Sunday, Feb 07, 2016
WASHINGTON, USA - President Barack Obama is close to signing into law a Bill that would mean more United States government involvement in helping to provide electricity in sub-Saharan Africa writes SAM OKWAKOL
Tanzania farmers want better policy :
Agri-Business Sunday, Feb 07, 2016
ARUSHA, Tanzania – Agricultural stakeholders have called upon the Tanzanian government to work together in developing policy issues that support small and medium enterprises (SMEs)