EAC needs tax harmony:
EAC Sunday, Oct 26, 2014
KIGALI, Rwanda - The need of a tax law on reverse VAT to be harmonized among EAC states was highlighted during the recently concluded East African Business Summit that took place in Kigali.
Tanzania getting new cheque system in 2015:
News Sunday, Oct 26, 2014
BAGAMOYO, Tanzania – The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) said its newly electronic system, ‘Cheque Truncation System (CTS), is designed to enable commercial banks to clear cheques within hours and will start next year.
Kenya strikes more oil :
Resources Sunday, Oct 26, 2014
NAIROBI, Kenya - British Oil explorer Tullow Oil last week announced another discovery in the Kerio Basin, in north western Kenya.
BoT set on keeping inflation rate low:
News Sunday, Oct 26, 2014
BAGAMOYO, Tanzania - The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) has insisted its main focus for the remaining part of this year is keeping inflation low and stable.
Kagina declares last return:
News Sunday, Oct 26, 2014
KAMPALA, Uganda - Allen Kagina, the outgoing Commissioner General, of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), has asked Ugandans to change their attitude towards paying taxes so that URA can perform better
Tanzania to host high profile health care meeting:
News Sunday, Oct 26, 2014
DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania - Africa’s health care systems are at a critical turning point, which is raising concerns among experts about the challenges ahead.